SueLyn Medeiros Vows to Sue Over Sex Tape Hack

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Whoever stole a sex tape made by supermodel SueLyn Medeiros and posted it to the web is in a world of trouble. The NY based, Brazilian-blooded temptress has hired a lawyer to get to the bottom of the video going viral on the Internet.

“I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me. I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I’m sure every couple does” SueLyn Medeiros told TMZ.

The bombshell model goes on to say that she already has a lawyer looking into the site which posted the video and she plans to haul them into court to stop them from hosting the stolen video on their site.

The mystery is, who did the actual stealing?

As SueLym Medeiros tells it, the video was on her personal computer and wasn’t hacked through her phone, which is how other unauthorized sex tape videos have found their way on to the web. If it wasn’t her or her boyfriend, who also appears in the tape, then who had access to her PC and could have done it?

The mystery deepens…

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