‘Suits’ Season 2, Episode 8 – ‘Rewind’ recap

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After last week’s triumph, Suits takes a step back to show just how all this came to pass.

Present day: The episode starts with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) giving Mike (Patrick J. Adams) instructions before taking the day off. He tells Mike that Jessica (Gina Torres) is not to know about this. Mike is concerned considering it was his idea that gave Hardman (David Costabile) the ammunition to use against Jessica.

Mike goes to Rachel (Meghan Markle) for help tracking down Monica (Gina Holden), a former associate with the firm. She’s reluctant to do that considering what happened when she helped him with Donna (Sarah Rafferty), but agrees anyway. Harvey gets on a train.

Mike meets with Monica in a restaurant. He tells her that he’s prepared a filing on her behalf against Pearson Hardman. Monica tells him she’s been trying to forget. She’s been working retail. He gives her the filing to look over and she takes it. They leave. And the camera pans out to show Louis (Rick Hoffman) having lunch.

Louis tells Daniel what he witnessed. He tells him that he’s been good to him since he’s been back, whereas Jessica has not. Considering how they’ve been working hard to show he’s not just an ass, hopefully this is all a Severus Snape triple agent type thing.

Daniel confronts Jessica. She has no idea what he’s talking about. They are yelling in the hall. Everyone can hear them as Jessica tells him that she’s not the one who had an affair with an associate, so he shouldn’t try to blame her for his mistakes. Rachel and Mike witness it all.


Mike is about to leave for work. He’s a bike messenger. Trevor (Tom Lipinski) comes home with a joint and a baggie full. He uses some friend code to make Mike light up. Always a good influence, that Trevor. They meet two girls at a bar, Jenny (Vanessa Ray) and Nikki.

Mike likes Jenny, but Nikki calls him while Trevor calls Jenny. Turns out Nikki just wants Mike to take her LSATs for her. Mike says no, but when he realizes his grandma (Rebecca Schull) needs help, he agrees.

Donna tells Harvey (looks the same) that his dad called, and that he always wants to know why they haven’t made him partner yet. Donna looks mostly the same, but not quite as polished. Jessica stomps into Harvey’s office and shuts the door. Jessica looks harder, sharper. She’s dressed much more conservatively. She’s kind of scary. Harvey already has the LPs and signed basketballs. Someone has been embezzling from clients’ escrow accounts. She wants to know who. He wants to be made partner.

Donna comes in and starts speculating about who it could be. Harvey wants to know how she heard. She eavesdropped over the intercom. She doesn’t hide it. He asks her to find out who is in charge of these accounts. It’s Zoe (Jacinda Barret [Macht]).

Harvey charms Zoe into letting him look at the accounts. He tells Jessica it’s Louis (who somehow made partner before Harvey). Louis looks the same except that he has braces, something to do with becoming senior partner. Jessica calls Louis in and starts to rake him over the coals. He confesses that he slept on her couch, and to a whole slew of other minor transgressions. He’s not exactly a tough nut to crack. She tells him to replace the granola bars and then tells Harvey he’s wrong.

Rachel and Monica are talking about Rachel’s plans to take the LSATs. They have lunch and see Louis. He is staring at Monica. It’s creepy and awkward and a little sad. Monica says she can handle him though.

Harvey takes the heavily redacted accounts to Louis and asks him to take a look. He mocks him for his Monica obsession. Louis tells him that it was his place first. Louis takes a quick look and immediately spots the frame. He has no idea he’s the patsy. With a little more work, Harvey goes to Jessica with the news that it’s Daniel. She can’t/won’t believe it. He made her. Harvey tells her that he hitched his wagon to her star. That he put her name first so that she’d be satisfied always being second. She asks Daniel to explain himself. He looks softer. He explains that his wife Alicia is dying, stage 4 breast cancer. He stole to pay for treatments not covered by insurance.

Jessica agrees to take out a loan and that Daniel can pay it back. Harvey is livid, but she bought the story and thinks Harvey is being cruel and opportunistic. All Daniel’s Tuesday lunches at the Harvard club were treatments.

Donna runs into Rachel for the first time. She knows all about her, including that her dad is one of the top lawyers in the city. She’s looking for Monica. Rachel tells her that she’s out. That she always is on Tuesdays. Donna connects the dots. Harvey knocks on a door. Daniel answers in a bathrobe. Harvey demands he resign right now, naming Jessica as managing partner or Alicia will be showing up at the door any minute. If he signs, she’ll be shown to a different room. Daniel signs.

Jessica moves into Daniel’s office and gives Harvey hers. Harvey and Donna celebrate with the can opener and tacks.

Jessica fires Monica. Monica tries to fight for her job, but Jessica is not having it. Monica claims not to have known about the stealing, but Jessica says no jury will believe that when there is all the diamond jewelry and trips to Europe and Hong Kong.

Donna tells Harvey his father died. Zoe leaves the firm, telling Harvey that the firm is toxic.

Present Day: Harvey visits his father’s grave and shares a drink with him. He comes back. Jessica knew about the Monica thing. Mike has no idea. Harvey tells Jessica that he’s getting Donna back. Jessica doesn’t seem opposed to that.

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