‘Suits’ Season 2, Episode 9 – ‘Asterisk’ Recap

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Suits picks up right where it left off last week with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) making good on his declaration to get Donna (Sarah Rafferty) back. He gives her a bonus check. She rips it up. She’s mad that he stepped in when Louis (Rick Hoffman) questioned her. He points out that she was upset when he didn’t. She tells him she didn’t answer his question about loving him because Louis made it a yes or no. She loves him, but she’s not in love with him and she’s mad that he made it seem like she did. He tells her he needs her. She wants a bigger check (already done) and she wants to fire poor Cameron (Jordan Hudyma).

The case of the week revolves around doping in baseball. Solinsky (Jeff B. Davis), a jerky news guy has made several statements that a player (LaMonica Garrett) has been doping. The player is suing. Harvey has Mike go to the player and threaten to subpoena the player who can testify to having provided urine samples for him. The player agrees to retire as long as Solinksy never talks about him again. Solinsky doesn’t want to abide by the assignment, but Harvey tells him that if he refuses and they go to court, he will have to call Reuben (Jason Gosbee) to testify and everyone will think that he gave him up, never knowing that it was simply Mike using his crazy memory to figure it out.

Louis hands out bonus checks to the associates, but he doesn’t have one for Mike (Patrick J. Adams). When he goes to Harvey’s office to ask about it, he tells him that Jessica decided that since he isn’t an attorney, he didn’t deserve one. Mike is stunned and upset, Harvey did cut him a check because Mike has gotten Jessica (Gina Torres) the votes. Daniel (David Costabile) knows this, so not only did he arrange for one of Jessica’s votes to get a job with the Justice Department, but he also makes Louis a senior partner, although he asks Louis to keep it a secret.

Louis being Louis, he can’t quite keep it to himself. So he dresses in his Brioni suit and struts through the office while “Burn, Baby, Burn” plays. Donna struts through the halls herself in a low cut blue dress and peep toe pumps. After she “fires” Cameron (he’s a floating temp so he’s not actually fired), she settles at her desk and she and Harvey exchange happy looks.

Louis comes up to Donna and throws himself at her feet. She accepts his apology and says they should never speak of it again. Louis isn’t okay with that. He hands her an envelope that contains tickets to every show at Lincoln Center. Orchestra. And she doesn’t have to go with him. He’s in such a great mood, that Donna is suspicious. She asks him who he is wearing, and as soon as he tells her, she finds Jessica and tells her that Daniel made Louis partner. Louis’s assistant told her years ago that Louis had a Brioni suit set aside to wear the day he made senior partner.

Jessica pitches a fit at Daniel. She offers to let him leave with some of his yes votes, and she’ll sign a non-compete. He refuses. She tells him she will bury him. Harvey is none too pleased that she told Daniel she knew. She wants Harvey to work on Louis and get his vote. Louis is Skyping with his parents when Harvey walks in. His mom is super excited to “meet” Louis’s best friend, before Louis shuts the laptop. Oh, Louis. Harvey gives Louis the name of his tailor and invites him to a celebratory dinner. Louis is thrilled.

He’s less thrilled when Harvey fills him on the truth of those financials he had him go over five years ago. He’s chagrined that’s why Harvey took him to dinner. Harvey realizes that Louis needs to hear affirmation from Jessica. Jessica had always planned it this way. She goes to Louis but he manages to piss her off so instead of offering up Harvey’s office (he offered), she tells him he better not get in her way and storms out.

Louis confronts Daniel, and learns that Harvey was not lying. Daniel has no defense except that he has changed. Louis goes to Jessica’s office and hands her his buy in check. Jessica asks what his vote is going to be, he tells her she can wait 24 hours.

Throughout all this, Mike’s grandma (Rebecca Schull) comes to visit Mike at the firm. She meets Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Harvey. She tells Rachel she’s beautiful and Harvey that Mike’s told her he can be a hardass. They’re both charmed. Mike decides to use his bonus to get his grandma into an apartment. Rachel helps him find one that doesn’t face Lexington Ave. so that it will be quieter for her. She thinks he’s incredibly sweet. The apartment is amazing. It’s got doormen and lots and lots of natural light and a fireplace and wood floors! It’s gorgeous. That bonus check must have been huge. As Mike waits for his grandma, Rachel comes in. The nursing home called the firm. His grandmother passes away.

Next week is the season finale and from the previews it’s going to be pretty action-packed.

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