Sunday Night Football UFO Explained? (Video)

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Several experts have come forward with theories about the recent Sunday Night Football UFO but it seems a blog commentator may have come up with the real explanation.

Unidentified Flying Object buffs have been buzzing the web since the YouTube video was posted two weeks ago, stirring the usual “fact or faked” debate. And, as always, there are plenty of elaborate explanations from both sides of the issue.

But the most plausible comes from the folks who set up the breakaway shot aired during a lull in the action at the game itself.

The prevailing scenario by true believers is something called the “rods” theory which attributes streaking objects to insects flying past the camera lens. But this video shows the UFO flying behind a distant building. Clearly not an insect.

Other variations are floated, but it’s a comment by Jason from on this article which seems to solve the riddle:

“This video was also a time-lapse video, meaning that the lights were moving considerably slower through the sky in New Orleans than they do in the video, making it more likely that they were simply airplanes.″

Since the video came to light, the videographers responsible for the shot have satisfied skeptics by explaining the external game day film clip is actually a time lapse exposure which accounts for the seemingly blinding speed of the faraway “UFO”.

It just so happens the camera is pointed at the sky in the general area of a nearby airport and the object is most likely an airplane landing at normal speed with the film clip being “speeded up” for dramatic effect.

Looks like it worked!

Here’s the original video:

What do you think? Is this a UFO? Or just a camera trick?

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