Sunday Night: ‘The Kennedys,’ ‘The Borgias,’ and ‘The Killing’

Sunday night is a big night for new shows with the premiere of three blockbuster series, The Kennedys, The Borgias, and The Killing.


tvReelzChannel starts the night with the controversial mini-series about the life of American royalty, The Kennedys. Katie Holmes stars along with Greg Kinnear as John and Jackie Kennedy. History Channel was originally supposed to air the series but pulled it from the line-up amid rumors that it was historically inaccurate. Others felt it was pulled due to pressure from the Kennedy family who objected to the way the characters were being portrayed. One thing is for sure, though critics have panned the series, people will watch just to see what all the fuss was about. The Kennedys premieres Sunday, April 3 at 8pm.

At 9pm on Showtime, itÂ’s the premiere of The Borgias, a mini-series that takes a long and salacious look at one of history’s most notorious families. In 15th Century Italy, the Borgias rose to power using blackmail, bribery, torture, and murder. Showtime calls them the “original crime family,” the ones who inspired Mario Puzo to write The Godfather. ItÂ’s bold, itÂ’s sexy, itÂ’s lavish, and much hotter than anything youÂ’ll see on The Kennedys. So donÂ’t miss it.

Finally, AMC pulls the wraps off their new creepy murder story, The Killing. Based on a Danish series, The Killing follows the investigation into the death of a young woman from three perspectives–the police, her family, and the suspects. Mireille Enos of Big Love stars as the lead investigator. Dark and gloomy, this isnÂ’t a murder mystery for the faint of heart. ItÂ’s deep drama in the way that can only be done on cable TV. Catch the first episode at 9pm on Sunday.

Here’s a look at The Kennedys.

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