Sunday Writing Essential (06/08/14, Colours)

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Sunday Writing Essential (06/08/14, Colours)


This post is the start of a series of writing prompts that will be tapping into sensory emotions. It’s basic human nature: when we see, touch, smell, hear, or taste something an emotional response can be triggered, for good or bad. For instance, a whiff of perfume or a song can trigger a happy memory or feeling, certain smells can induce nausea, the soft feel of petting a kitten (plus the purr) can make a person content, and the taste of chocolate is bliss.

For the challenge this week, we’ll be focusing on the sense of sight, specifically colours. Pick a colour, any colour and write something around that colour. I want you to evoke an emotional response, and be descriptive.



White- you could write about winter, soft falling snow and a starlit night.

Red- Write about picking apples off a tree in Fall surrounded by red leafed trees

Blue- Describe your summer at the lake, under a blue sky

Yellow- Write about the day you walked in a field of dandelions

Purple- Depict a scene of a girl in a purple pinafore picking violets


You’ll notice all of the above example are of nature, but please don’t feel the need to restrict yourself.


Here’s a short poem to illustrate:

Raven black shadows-

they circle the shaded moon

this Stygian night


The Challenge:

Write a story, essay, or a poem using a colour as a theme. Your post should concentrate on description and any emotions connected to the colour you pick.


The List of Things to Do:

  • Add this Challenge Statement to the post: Write a story, essay, or a poem using a colour as a theme. Your post should concentrate on description and any emotions connected to the colour you pick.
  • Put (SunWE, 06/08/14, Colours) in your post title.
  • Be sure to tag your post with SunWE, Gather Writing Essential, and Colours.
  • Then post it to Gather Writing Essential. You can also comment below with the link to your post to ensure I find it.

There is also a limit of three submissions from each member per day, which you can follow or ignore at your discretion.

Also, if you would like me to critique your response, feel free to request it at the end of your post, otherwise I will simply leave a comment.


There were many great responses for last week’s Romance challenge. Here are the posts I found:

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If I missed yours, please let me know.


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