Sunday Writing Essential (SunWE, 02/09/14, Poetry Week)

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Sunday Writing Essential (SunWE, 02/09/14, Poetry Week)


It’s Poetry Week here at Sunday Writing Essential!

And before you start with the groans, never fear, I’m starting you off small, with the haiku.

The haiku is a three line, non-rhyming poem of varying syllable count, the most familiar being a 5-7-5 count. It also commonly does not have a title. The genesis of the haiku began in Japan, and migrated to the Western world in the 1950’s. The form is subtle and varied in both its original language and in the English form.

The preferred topic of a haiku is one of the natural world and focuses on creating an image, a feeling, for the reader. In other words, think Zen thoughts when writing a haiku.

This week your task is to write a nature haiku. You can stay with the basics, or get creative, your choice. For more great information on the intricacies of a haiku, check out this page:

For our purposes we will use the 5-7-5 syllable version, meaning:

  • Line 1 will have 5 syllables
  • Line 2 will have 7 syllables
  • Line 3 will have 5 syllables

(But I won’t quibble if you want to play around with the syllables, just make a note of it in your post)

And remember, no rhymes. Also, for this challenge you may title the poem if you wish.


Here’s a haiku I wrote as an example:


The river carries

floral scent, dancing petals

away, lost in time


The Challenge:

Write a haiku. The subject must be something from nature and it will use the standard 5-7-5 syllable, three line form. Anything else is up to you.


The List of Things to Do:

  • Add this Challenge Statement to the post: Write a haiku. The subject must be something from nature and it will use the standard 5-7-5 syllable, three line form. Anything else is up to you.
  • Put (SunWE, 02/09/14, Poetry Week) in your post title.
  • Be sure to tag your post with SunWE, Gather Writing Essential, and Poetry Week.
  • Then post it to Gather Writing Essential. You can also comment below with the link to your post to ensure I find it.
  • And try to post it by next Sunday.


There is also a limit of three submissions from each member per day which you can follow or ignore at your discretion.


Also, if you would like a detailed critique of your response to a challenge, feel free to request it at the end of your post. Otherwise, I’ll simply leave a nice comment.


Here are the posts I found for last week’s Groundhog Day challenge:

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Plus my own: (SunWe, 02/02/14, Pink Bows and Groundhogs): A Looney Tale


If I missed yours, please let me know.


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