Sunday Writing Essential (SunWE, 03/09/14, Be Nasty)

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Sunday Writing Essential (SunWE, 03/09/14, Be Nasty)

I’m not sure how many views or responses this will generate, with yet another Gather upheaval and new rumours of its demise, but here’s this week’s installment of the Sunday Writing Essential.


We’re doing our third holiday challenge, and it’s a bit atypical, because we’re celebrating all things nasty. Yes, we’re going to the dark side.

Why you ask? What does this have to do with holidays? Well, it’s because Saturday, March 8th, was Be Nasty Day! There is indeed a day to rejoice in the art of nastiness, and to commemorate this strange holiday I’m issuing this challenge:

Write a story or poem that highlights being nasty.

It can have a nasty character, a nasty thing happen to someone, a nasty situation or be generally horrible in tone. It simply has to spotlight one bit of nasty business. Happy endings will be allowed, although shocking endings are encouraged if you really want to embrace the nasty.


The Challenge:

Write a story or poem that highlights being nasty.


The List of Things to Do:

  • Add this Challenge Statement to the post: Write a story or poem that highlights being nasty.
  • Put (SunWE, 03/09/14, Be Nasty) in your post title.
  • Be sure to tag your post with SunWE, Gather Writing Essential, and Be Nasty.
  • Then post it to Gather Writing Essential. You can also comment below with the link to your post to ensure I find it.
  • And try to post it by next Sunday.



There is also a limit of three submissions from each member per day, which you can follow or ignore at your discretion.

Also, if you would like a detailed critique of your response to a challenge, feel free to request it at the end of your post. Otherwise, I’ll simply leave a nice comment.


Here are the responses I found for the “Mardi Gras” challenge:

My Mardi Gras Celebration (SunWE, 03/02/14, Mardi Gras) by Len Maxwell

SatWe, 3,2,14, Mardi Gra Challenge / The Masks; I Would Love to Be There by Sharon P.

Join The Mardi Gras Parade (SUNWE, 03/02/14, Mardi Gras) Gather Writing Essentials by Elsie Duggan

Twofer (MonWe, 3,3,14, Dream on Monday/ Dream Vacations Challenge) AND (SunWE, 03/02/14, Mardi Gras) by jay o (warning: may contain unintentional entendres)


If I missed yours, please let me know.


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