Sunset Photos at my favorite beach in Florida

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“It’s summer time and the living is easy”, if you live in Florida near a still oil free beach that is. We live in Tampa Bay, near Treasure Island and two of the top ten beaches in the country, Fort De Soto and Clearwater beaches. A tourist mecca with a thousand things-to-do during your vacation in Florida. 

Friday night we headed out to Treasure Island, to have dinner at Bubba Gumps Shrimp restaurant situated at John’s Pass overlooking the bridge, the boardwalk and the waterways. We loved the food, but skipped the dessert so I could take a few photos of the action on the boardwalk and believe me there was plenty of action to photograph. See my next essay about that.

Then we drove over to Redington Beach to see the Sunset. Here are the pics from last night – ENJOY!


Children playing in the last rays of the sun,

 the golden hour,

almost time to go,

I can hear mom calling.



 A sandcastle,

 now deserted 

embellished with decorations

 by mom and her three charges just minutes ago.


A skimmer bird, flying low near the edge of the water looking for fish for his supper. They are incredibly fast, but one day I’ll get a photo of them that isn’t all blurry:). Their orange beak always reminds me of a Tucan.

They are an endangered species still breeding along this beach.



A young couple on vacation

 looking for shells and treasures of the sea,

all wrapped up in their own cocoon.


I stop taking photos for a moment to take a deep breath of the salty sea air,

to look around me, languishing in the moment,

reaching for Richard’s hand, we smile into each other’s eyes …  


Cherish the moments of your life, because that is what life is made up of, moments.






Sunset is upon us.



Almost no clouds tonight.



Fires burning in the sky …


It’s time to go.

Sometimes I wonder why we stopped watching sunsets each and every night (no matter where we live there is always a sunset) and turned our back on mother nature and started living in our stone houses, removing ourselves from the majesty and wonder of it all.

Sorry guys, I seem to be in a pensive, almost melancholy mood today.


One last look from the little wooden bridge

capturing the sea oats and

two empty observation chairs silhouetted against the sky.


All images taken by Rose Hill © July 2010 Rose Hill.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


This last photo taken as we were leaving John’s Pass …

For some reason I am always compelled to take a photo of old glory when I’m there

and almost inevitably there is a bird perching ontop

basking in the rays of the setting sun.

He is free – are we? 

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