Sunshine Cleaning: Amy Adams keeps getting better.

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“Sunshine Cleaning” is a film about a young woman and her sister who undertake the weird and scary profession of cleaning up crime scenes after the body is taken off. There is money in it, apparently.

Amy Adams is the young woman. Amy keeps getting better and better, and at this point I am not sure that there is any role she cannot handle.  Her emotional range is excellent and she is no longer Amy Adams when on screen. Emily Blunt is the sister, great in her role as a little sister who needs to be an adult but keeps falling down. Alan Arkin is Amy and Emily’s aging dad, who worked hard to raise them by himself and needs to get a break. Warning, there is some heartbreak in this movie, but there are also touching moments of a more positive kind.

You see, this movie is not really about crime scene cleanup. It is about a family that has been crippled by the suicide of a woman (Arkin’s wife, Amy and Emily’s mother) and the efforts of the father and two daughters to return to life. At times touching, at times amusing, never boring.

Borrow this dvd from your local library or from your dvd rental store. You probably do not need to own it, but you definitely need to see it.  Amy Adams was also brilliant in the Disney story of a princess transplanted to New York City, “Enchanted”, and in the religious drama “Doubt”.  In “Enchanted” she sings, beautifully. It is just not right for a person to have this much talent. It is not fair. She has two Oscar nominations so far, but she deserves a win.

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