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Truth or Big Fat Lie 1

I finally found the animal training center. This was not a place where they trained dogs; rather it was more of a zoo. This was the place where they trained the movie star bear, Big Ben. When I knocked on the caretaker’s door, it was opened by the resident, holding a female baboon. She was holding her baby like it was a Raggedy Ann. “Sir,” I said, “I drive a school bus full of teenagers, and the drive is so long, it makes no sense to go home until school’s out. I love animals and wonder if I might volunteer here.”

“We could use help out here, but I’m not sure we would want a female. Tell you what. We’ll take tour of our zoo and then we’ll decide.”

Off we went. He let me in the cage holding the wolves, showed me how to clean their poo and feed them. Then on to the coatis (fascinating weird looking creatures—something like a raccoon with a very long tail) and other critter cages. Finally we arrived at the bear’s cage. I figured it was Big  Ben.

The caretaker had an apple with him and went in, waiving the apple at the bear. “Okay, today I want you to lay down. You can then have this apple.”

Me, looking from outside, thought, that’s stupid. Don’t tempt an animal with visible treats. I was right. The bear wanted that apple bad enough to roughen the caretaker’s arm with his teeth. I was scared to death, but the apple was given to the bear, the caretaker left the cage, bandaged his bleeding arm, and pretended that nothing had happened. Then he took me to the mountain lion’s area.

He said, “This girl will do a lot of tricks. She’ll even jump through hoops, like this.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. I love cats—have a cat of my own.” I went to hug her and she promptly bit me in the upper thigh.


Truth or Big Lie 2

I actually like these teenagers and enjoy driving the school bus. The kids are careful to spit their chaw in pop cans and rarely make a mess on the floor.

Then came a day, a snowy day, when they decided to all climb in the back and begin howling like coyotes. They were good at it—really sounded like coyotes. Unfortunately, they all started rocking back and forth, and the front wheels had no traction, so we skidded on the snowy, icy road. Then the spittoon spilled. Yuck what a mess. I stopped the bus, ordered them to go back to their seats, but found we were stuck.

Okay, fine. Time to put out the flares. Fortunately, most of the kids knew how to light them, because I had no clue. That’s when the real trouble started.

All the children had left the bus. But they left behind their lunch bags, pops, candy and a bunch of smelly stuff. Thinking howling was still fun and trying to irritate me, they made such a noise that a pack of hungry coyotes came to check it out.

Now, when I say hungry, I don’t mean hungry for flesh, they wanted doughnuts and everything else that smelled good in the bus. I learned then that they have great smellers.

The entire pack ran onto the bus, instantly devouring lunch bags, plastics and the lunches inside them.

Being quick of mind, I put out the stop sign (the one that irritates a driver behind you), closed the door and ran out to join the rest.

There was a happy ending to this story. Apparently, one in the pack had rabies. They were able to capture it and create rabies shots for those not as lucky as we were.


The challenge was: Choose an event from your life, a birthday party, a wedding, a vacation, etc. Now write two stories about that event: one fiction, one non-fiction (sorry no poetry for this one). Keep each story short, a few paragraphs should do, and each one should be entertaining and sound like its true (even though one will be a big fat lie).


Before your critique, (which is desired) I first want you to tell me which one is the truth and which one is a big fat lie, plus tell me why. I’ve had some interesting experiences in life.


Sorry about the length, Anita, but this just popped out.

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