SunWE, 02/23/14, Pancakes -“Hubby Knows Best

Challenge:Write any story, recipe or poem about pancakes or write a non-fiction essay about Pancake Tuesday (also known as Shrove Tuesday).


Hubby Knows Best

by Heather L Campbell

February 26, 2014


I got up Tuesday morning

I was really so baffled

What will I make for breakfast?

Hmm, some pancakes or waffles..

What a surprise I’d make

As the sun was rising

How happy they’d be

Aromas would be surprising

Bacon or sausage patties

Oops Shrove Tuesday is today

Pancakes are the tradition

There will be no egg souffle..

Standing now in the doorway ..

Hubbys arms opened so wide

Whispered with some sweet kisses

Honey, come back by my side”

He made a nice suggestion

“Eating pancakes out sounds great”

We headed back to our bed

Breakfast will just have to wait..


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I am a Christian writer and published poet. I pray each day God uses me to uplift others and draw them to him. My feet are made of clay, but through me God can help others. My faith brings me comfort as I believe that the Lord has a plan for my life and

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