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Sixty-five years ago, August 6, 1949, I was married to my Bill, the

love of my life. I was 22 years old, just two months shy of

turning 23, and by the standards in those days I could have

been an old maid. Most girls had a couple of kids by then,

being married about eighteen, and then life went on.

I had a couple of other boyfriends that I was serious about,

and never thought that way about Bill, but in the end, I broke up with the other

two just before he came home from reenlisting in the Navy until 1947.

Bill had a great car, and I was foot loose and fancy free, and we had

a lot of rides with other couples, if we had $1.00 in our pocket we

had money for gas, a ferry to take us across the river, and burgers

and pop for the two of us. Soon we became very close friends.

He never tried to kiss me, or made any advances to me, but I know

he felt romantically towards me. I was so tired of breaking up, I

didn’t want to commit again.

One night while getting out of his car, he kissed my forehead. I

couldn’t sleep all night. I felt that kiss there and it wouldn’t go

away. I had never had such a warm feeling engulf my entire being

before. After that night, we became a couple of sorts. Nothing

committed, but we both new we would be together forever.

By August of 1948, we had talked of getting married, but my mother

fell ill. She was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. The doctors

those days, told you not to tell the patient, so we postponed marriage

plans. They said my mother had six months to live, so we told her

we were going to wait a year to save up before marriage. When the

year was up, she was still going up and down with her illness, and

she asked me when we were getting married. So I told Bill we were

going to make plans and we did.

I didn’t want a big wedding for obvious reasons, and I wanted to just

go to a justice of the Peace but my mother wanted me to be married

in a church. We went to Danbury, Connecticut about twenty miles

away to get married quietly in the First Congregational Church there.

The Reverends name was Reverend Crow. Sticks in my craw, smiling.

My mother told my Aunt and Uncle about us getting married, and

before long we had a reception planned. Bill and I had reserved cabins

for our four days in Danbury, and had to come back for that reception.

I remember the day of our Wedding on August 6th, it was one of the

hottest I can ever recall. Bill arrived at my home to pick me up and

I remember running down the stairs to meet him, he looked so handsome

in his gray tweed suit, and I had on a White organza ballerina length

dress over pink taffeta,with a pink taffeta midriff. He said I was beautiful

and that was all I needed to hear, I was floating on air.

There was no air conditioning anywhere, most of all not in cars.

My Matron of Honor’s husband drove my brother Bud, who was best man,

and Bill and I to Danbury. I think when you are young you don’t worry too

much about the heat, and I had a tiny hat that kept my hair from blowing

with the windows down.

When we went into the church there were five people from my family

there that lived nearby in Derby. I was shocked, but rather pleased,

and they came back for the reception. There were about 15 people

there. My mother had gotten out of bed and while she looked frail

she looked happy for me. This meant such a lot to me.

We went away on our honeymoon, four days in a $4.00 a night

cabin with it’s own shower, and a bed you could put a quarter in

to make it go up and down, I don’t know, we didn’t need the quarter.

We came home four days later and had money left from the $40.00

we had taken with us. We had gone canoeing, to the movies, out

to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and bought gas for the car both ways.

We only really needed each other, all the rest was just trimmings.

It was that way for 57 wonderful years, I am the luckiest woman


I love you Bill. Star



Sunday Writing Essential (06/01/14, Romance Is In The Air)


`Tis the month of June, with blossoming trees, summer on the horizon, and the traditional month of weddings. So this week pull out the hearts and flowers and get romantic.

That’s right, it’s time to write about sweethearts, dates, first love, weddings or what have you. It’s time for love…


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