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Wow, 1963 was a great year for me. Wait, no, it wasn’t. I was getting ready to graduate high school and didn’t even have a girlfriend. Couldn’t dance, had no social skills, didn’t know how to talk to girls — guess you can fill in all the blanks. Then 1964…

Graduation day and I got my first real kiss from a girl. A couple months later we were inseparable and had adopted several songs as “our song.” Nope, I didn’t have enough experience with women to figure out how we could have multiple songs as “our song.” Hmm, still don’t.

But one of them dealt with colors and it was one of our songs. Put out the year before by Bobby Vinton, “Blue on Blue” was a major hit and, at the time, Bobby Vinton was one of the major heartthrobs of teenage girls — thus we listened to it frequently.

That might be one of the early things that influenced me not to listen to the lyrics of songs. We had just started going together and she was enraptured with:

Blue on blue, heartache on heartache
Blue on blue now that we are through
Blue on blue, heartache on heartache
And I find I can’t get over losing you

Hmm, maybe should have told me something about what was about to happen. I enlisted in the Marines and went to Vietnam. She enlisted in the navy and went to Pensacola where she married her boss.

I should probably mention that the girl in this story and I took a while to get together but we finally married, were together eighteen years, and had four kids. Maybe songs don’t tell everything.


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