SunWe, 3,30,14/ Silly Poem, for April Fool’s Day Jokes or Silly Stuff Prompt.

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I woke up to the radio

Claiming there was a sale

Took myself to the store

And got a great big shock


They claimed rthey were selling dinosaurs

All I saw were parrakeets

In the cages labeled dinos

In bright blues and greens


When I pointed out the  fact

That they were much too small

I was told that science

Backed up all the facts


As I went out the door

A parrot caught my eye

Dressed in brilliant scarlet

She was a lovely Makaw


The sign claimed her a duckbill

Extinct very long ago

I bought her anyway

Though she cost a very lot


As I went out the door

The sales people let out a yell

April Fool dear customer

You’ve bought a lovely bird

Science claims she really

Is descended from the dnosaurs

Sharon Pribble


SunWe, 3,30,14, Silly Joke for Pril  Fools  Day


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72 year old retired state microfilm camera operator.

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