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Out and about on Saturday, learning lesson on global studies.  My daughter has seen both the American and Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Yes, Niagara Falls is in the U.S.  It is on the border.  Every year they rebuild the steps for the Cave of the Winds all the way up to the hurricane deck.  Please watch your step – slippery when wet.  I have never been too chicken to ascend.  Climbing ever higher, trepidation descends, leaving one to wonder: Is it out and about or out and aboot?  Lessons learned on a Saturday.


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The Prompt:



Read the examples–not just the ones typed here. Follow the links to the additional examples as well.

Write a prose poem. Keep it to drabble length (~100 words.) Pay attention to the flow and the musicality of the language, using the devices of alliteration, internal rhyme, repetition, etc. Subject can be anything that strikes your fancy. Read the examples for inspiration.


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