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Iambic Pentameter with variation

Rhyme Scheme: abaccdedeff

(the cc couplet is purposefully an eye rhyme)


Rest Easy, World

Shall ever wind sit still to rest in peace,

And the world breathe its final breath,

Departure, the ocean waves to shore and leaves,

The fated fauna fall from limb to earth

To settle there, the last of death to bear;

All composition decomposed, all creation destroyed,

But those nourished and sustained by decay,

Affixed to and fatted of amassing spoils,

They surely live, as life to live must prey.

Nothing comes of nothing, all things of all things,

Living of dying, and all beings of all beings.





Write a passage of description or a poem.  Make a deliberate choice to use at least one image which, in addition to the visual (or sensual) picture it evokes, carries a symbolic connotation which gives emotional weight to the core truth you are seeking to communicate in your piece.

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