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Child of Joy

He was born in March, though expected in April. His mother had toxemia thus they had to be separated early.

He spent his first three months in an incubator to gain a pound. He weighed five pounds when my brother and sister in law were allowed to bring him home.

He was an endearing and loving child. He had an afinity for electronics. By seven, he was taking radios apart and putting them back together.

The Child of Joy

It was a cold day

On the second of March

A boy was born

To fill our hearts

Born too soon alas

Incubator held this life

For three months first

Before he came home

Grew fast and strong

Grew smart and able

We thougt an electronic

Engineer he’d study hard

But he loved outdoors

Motercycles became his work


Sharon Pribble

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72 year old retired state microfilm camera operator.

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