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My grandson had a son out of marriage, and the mother lived with us during her pregnancy and until the baby was 11 months old, then she decided to go back to a former love. A lot of heartbreak for everyone, My grandson has joint custody and we get to see him on weekends, and we saw him today. He is now 29 months old and the joy of my life, and the smiles on my grandson’s face lets me know he is the joy of his too,

Saturday is a special day

For it is Seth’s visiting day

We’ve kid proofed the house

So he can safely play

He is growing up so fast

And the sweetest little boy

I can’t wait to get a kiss from him

It fills my heart with joy

I buy special crackers that he likes

And keep them by my chair

I love when he gives me the eye

For he knows that they are there

He makes me feel young again

Like I am starting over

I’m reading Dr. Seuss books

Green Eggs and Ham cover to cover

He turns the pages for me

Sometimes a little to fast

But my heart has to smile

This brings memories from the past

We buy him toys and we keep them here

So he has his special things

He runs straight for his toy box

I love his squeals that recognizing them brings

I had a hole in my heart to fill

God sent this little one to help me laugh again

Thank you Lord for this precious gift

I pray you watch over Seth and his dad, keep them safe




The Prompt

Write a sketch. Then polish it into a poem. Comment to this article with a link to your post.



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