‘Super 8′ Secret Twist Goes Nuclear (Hint, Hint…)

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The Super 8 secret ending is out on the web now that thousands of fans and reviewers got a sneak peek. So what is it? Like all of JJ Abrams’ magic tricks, the audiences realizes the answer was right in front of their eyes all the time. It’s just a matter of looking in the right place.

This particular third-reel twist was aided by a masterly trailer campaign that had ardent fans looking for clues in the preview clips released by the studio. Making them some of the most popular and influential trailers of all time. Rosebud, schmozebud…

The answer to the riddle ultimately lies in a plain old kitchen calendar—from 1979. A glance at one would recall some significant dates. But, for this movie, none more so than March 28th.

This is not one of those “Spoiler Alert!” posts that reveals the answer a few scrolls down, or a movie review that dances around the issue. Like any good mystery, the answer is arrived at with a lot of digging around the bone yard and a quick Google search. There are just too many fans out there who haven’t seen the movie yet.

What’s that ticking sound? Oh! Look! The Doomsday Clock is getting one minute closer to midnight.

Just in time for the Super 8 première.

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