Super Bowl Halftime Controversy Take 2 and NBC’s Apology

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The Super Bowl halftime show went off almost without a hitch. That is until M.I.A. decided to do the classiest thing possible and flip the bird to millions of viewers. So after years without controversy, the halftime show is yet again marred by a performer’s lack of using their brain. To make matters worse, NBC did not catch M.I.A.’s wonderful act in time to censor it from most homes, something which NBC Sports has apologized for:

We apologize for the inappropriate gesture that aired during halftime. … It was a spontaneous gesture that our delay system caught late.

Hopefully NBC is not blamed for M.I.A.’s lack of judgement. On the same note she should not have the pleasure of taking away from Madonna’s overall performance. The singer busted out everything, from “Vogue” to “Like A Prayer,” in what was the best halftime in the past few years. Many viewers were happy to see Madonna chose to perform many of her classic songs and only one song off her new album. It was very easy for viewers to sing along and enjoy the music as it was so familiar.

It is unlikely that M.I.A. will get another invite to a NFL function anytime soon, if ever. What was supposed to be a family friendly viewing experience left a bad taste in the mouthes of many viewers. While flipping the bird is not all that bad, the fact that this so-called performer felt it was necessary to do so for no other reason than to have people talking is absolutely ridiculous. One can only hope next year’s Super Bowl halftime show will go off without any sign of controversy.

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