Super Bowl Wife Gisele Bundchen Twitter Joke after Tom Brady Loss

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Tom Brady and his New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl, and that inspired a Gisele Bundchen Twitter joke, and it actually made a lot of sense. Ultimately, the consensus is that even though the QB lost, he still gets to go home and be married to his super model wife. The big game was only that—a game. Of course, Manning is married to the beautiful Abby Manning, and he’s going home with her as a winner.

Gisele Bundchen Twitter Joke After Tom Brady Super Bowl LossTwitter user Mike Petes summed up the comments when he tweeted, “At least Tom Brady is going home to Gisele Bundchen…even when he loses, he wins.”

This is true—even for players other than the New England Patriots quarterback. While winning the Super Bowl is huge, ultimately it is still just a game, and these guys still have their lives, their health, and their families to go home to once the game is over.

Even though Gisele Bundchen asked for prayers for Tom Brady to win Super Bowl XLVI and he didn’t, he was still kept safe during the game, and that is an answered prayer no doubt.

Do you agree with the sentiment of Twitter? Eli Manning certainly won’t be going home with Gisele Bundchen even though he did win the big game. However, his lovely wife Abby will be there, and no doubt they will celebrate the win in wonderful style. Just because somebody is a supermodel doesn’t mean that other women are less lovely.

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