Super Duper Bunny Cupcakes

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I had the opportunity to babysit Emily, a friend’s five-year-old last night so that my girlfriend and her husband could go out on “date night.” Since I didn’t want to plop her in front of the TV and we were limited to indoor activities because of a persistent cold drizzle outside, I thought maybe she’d like to try her hand at baking with me.

I opened my kitchen pantry and luckily found a vanilla cake box mix. Maybe she’d like to make cupcakes with me? Fancy cupcakes, ones that we could decorate? Fortunately, I also had some leftover coconut and some chocolate chips in the fridge, and hidden in the back of another cupboard, I found some jelly beans, half a bag of marshmallows, and even a container of frosting. We were set!

But I needed an idea and a picture to show Emily what our “activity” was going to be for the evening. I went to the McCormick website and found the cutest little bunny cupcakes we could make together. Perfect! I read through the list of ingredients and realized I had everything we needed except for the donut holes but I thought we could improvise.

“Emily,” I said when she arrived. “What do you think about making some bunny cupcakes?” I asked her.

She looked at me a bit confused so I took her hand and walked her over to show her the picture of the blue and pink cupcakes on the computer.

“I want the pink one!” she said jumping up and down.

I smiled at her and said, “Can we take your coat off first?”

She wiggled out of her jacket and didn’t even bother to wave goodbye to Mom and Dad who were mouthing “Thank you!” to me as they went out the door.

“Ok, it’s time to make some super duper cupcakes,” I said.

Emily started to giggle as I tied an apron around her waist so I giggled, too!.


1 container (16 ounces) vanilla frosting

McCormick® Assorted Food Colors and Egg Dye or McCormick® Assorted NEON! Food Colors and Egg Dye

2 cups flaked coconut

12 unfrosted cupcakes

12 plain donut holes

12 large marshmallows

6 pink jelly beans, halved crosswise

Chocolate sprinkles

Miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips


1. Tint frosting pink or blue, using 4 drops red or 4 drops NEON blue food color. Place coconut in resealable plastic bag. Add 4 drops red or 4 drops NEON blue food color to coconut in bag; shake until coconut is evenly tinted.

2. Spread top of each cupcake with tinted frosting. Press each cupcake into tinted coconut to cover top completely. Spread donut holes with remaining frosting. Press a donut hole into top of each cupcake to form the bunny’s head.

3. For the ears, cut a 1/4-inch slice off the flat ends of each marshmallow to make 24 slices. Dip cut sides of the marshmallow slices into the coconut until completely covered. (Reserve remaining marshmallow pieces.) Attach 2 marshmallow slices to the head of each bunny with frosting to create ears.

4. Press a jelly bean half into the face for the nose and sprinkles for the whiskers. Use the chocolate chips for the eyes. Press the plain marshmallow pieces into the cupcakes for the belly.



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