Superbug Diagnosed in U.S. – Department of Homeland Security Involved

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The new superbug has been diagnosed in the U.S. In fact, there are three cases of the drug-resistant superbug, and one of them is in Boston, Massachusetts.

Where did Superbug Orginate?

This superbug is believed to have originated in India and Pakistan. Each of the three U.S. cases were people who had been to India and received medical treatments. This so-called superbug seems to look like a normal bacteria, but it is resistant to almost all antibiotics.

Because of the devastating nature of an antibiotic resistant superbug, the Department of Homeland Security has become involved with the issue. They learned a lot from being heavily involved last year’s H1N1 scare, and they are working to coordinate the assault on the latest health danger to U.S. residents.

Thankfully the way to protect people from the superbug is the same way that hospitals work to protect people from all infections. The best way to help stop the spread of the superbug is to use antibiotics less often, which will cause the bacteria to become less resistant to them. Another ray of hope happens to be cockroaches which have been found to have antibiotic properties. In fact, they may be used to treat antibiotic resistant superbugs in the future.

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