Supergroupie Lindsay Lohan Goes on Tour with The Wanted

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It seems Lindsay Lohan’s recent nightclub brawl worked out for her. Now LiLo can add “super groupie” to her lengthy list of accomplishments. According to reports, the Liz and Dick star just hit the road to Boston on The Wanted’s tour bus.

As the world no doubt recalls, Lindsay’s altercation with a woman in a New York City bar which escalated into a brawl was originally over The Wanted star, Max George. It seems Lindsay has been crushing on George big time. Although Max was reportedly turned off by La Lohan’s drunkenness and belligerence in the club, he’s obviously gotten over it. Not only is he taking the former Mean Girls star with him on his luxury bus to see his show in Boston, he’s even “fessing up he did invite LiLo backstage for the Philly Jingle Ball last night.”

So, there you have it. All’s well that ends well. Or not. Inside sources say “Max definitely doesn’t want a girlfriend, and is a single guy … but doesn’t mind having Lindsay around.”

Oops. Oh well, whatever happens with Max George, Lindsay Lohan will always have Charlie Sheen. Probably.

Stay tuned.

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