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Written by: Olafemi

When I listen to the words of serious people speaking, I often wonder if they really understand the things that they are saying. I wonder if choice and free will is a cause of mental elimination. What I mean is, the choices that people make seem to take away from their freedom. As we choose we take away things that would certainly rid us from being happy but we are satisfied with our thoughts even when they are wrong.

Ever since I was able to understand politics, I have seen how we place our trust in certain people to make life better for us and even if they are wrong we go along with their decisions. And it is the same way with religion. We choose certain people to make our bad choices better to live with but by doing so, some end up in worse shape than ever and others see the imbalance and then look forward to making more choices the next time around.

We all seek LOVE yet we continuously think of things that will give us pleasure but will take away from our ability to live in LOVE until we die. By saying this I mean that we seek out pleasure of the flesh before we pleasure our minds. We have to satisfy our physical first because we have not yet captured the essence of what satisfying our minds can bring forth.

LOVE and Happiness is a state of mind. It is a mental emotion that longs for satisfaction whether we know how to bring it about or not. We have been taught of physical satisfaction and we think that it satisfies mind and body but it only last for a short period of time. If we could have been taught how to bring satisfaction to our minds, this feeling would last a lifetime.

Because we live in a world where even though we learn how to stimulate our minds with words and numbers, we leave out the most important part by not learning how to treat our minds to REAL LOVE. It is the kind of LOVE that brings about Total Happiness. It is the kind of LOVE that brings about Joy. It is the kind of LOVE that mankind can’t live without but we have made up in our minds that there are differences in love that can bring about temporary satisfactions in our emotions so, if it can make happiness come for just a short while, we are content. Yet we are constantly in search for everlasting LOVE that will allow us to live happily ever after.

In this case the superiority of Happiness will never become relevant in our lives today. Because of our free will and the choices we make, there will be nothing that will bring us to a life where we all can live a life of happiness. Our children will never achieve this happiness either because we keep coming up with other ways to satisfy us temporarily.

In order for us to attain this LOVE or superior state of Happiness we would have to eliminate all forms of life as we know it. We would have to get rid of all the choices we have made that led us to the ways we have satisfied ourselves to this point. In other words we would have to totally renew our minds.

Can this be done? Can we be guided to a level where we can start all over again and this time put more emphasis on LOVE for our fellowman? Can religion guide us there? Can science lead us to total happiness? Can you give any suggestions? Can it TRUTHFULLY be done?  GOD BLESS…

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I'm a man determined to do the work of my FATHER. I have been inspired to give reason to this wretched world we live in and in my writings I will give to people what they need to bring them back to CHRIST AND THE CREATOR OF EXISTENCE.

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