Supermodel Miranda Kerr Showed Bra During Airport Screening

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Australian lingerie model Miranda Kerr submitted to a security check at LAX Thursday and wound up revealing her lacy bra to fellow travelers.

Maybe, the TSA should change its name to the Tn’A. What exactly is the purpose of forcing supermodels to disrobe in front of an airport full of strangers? Is this truly stopping terrorism?

Either way, the 28-year-old wife of actor Orlando Bloom was dressed fashionably in an all-black ensemble when she went through a security checkpoint at LAX. Some people may enjoy a supermodel following the same rules as everyone else. But, face it: the TSA screening rules are moronic. month, before getting on a plane headed for the Super Bowl in Indianopolis, Playboy Playmate Holly Madison endured a similarly embarassing scene at LAX. Fellow passengers ogled the sexy star of Holly’s World while she undressed in front of them. Does this make you feel safer on airplanes?

Kerr handled the abasing experience like a trouper, however. While sporting oversized sunglasses, she stoically shrugged of her blazer, and revealed a lace bra underneath.

Kerr and baby boy Flynn has been in Los Angeles since Tuesday, but were obviously eager to get back to husband Bloom.

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