Supermoon 2011: Will March 19 Bring Disaster?

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There will be a supermoon 2011 happening next week. On March 19, Earth’s satellite will pass the closest it has been to the planet in the last 18 years. Also, that night, the moon will be full. Some people believe that this phenomenon will bring disaster on Earth.

Astrologer Richard Nolle called next weekÂ’s full moon an extreme supermoon. He believes that there will be huge storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes to wreak havoc on the third rock from the sun. Do you believe that these types of natural disasters are just days away?

The moon will be just 221,567 miles away from Earth on March 19, and it could affect Earth – especially the ocean tides. The gravitational pull of the supermoon 2011 could also create small movements in continents, which are called land tides. It is possible that the upcoming supermoon really could cause some issues on Earth, but the chance is still incredibly small.

One thing is certain, the March 19, 2011 supermoon is sure to be a sight to see. Be sure to look up that night to see the beautiful orb in the sky.

Supermoon 2011: Will March 19 Bring Disaster?

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