‘Supernatural’ 2012 Comic-Con Panel: Who’s Attending and When and Where It is

Supernatural will once again have a panel at Comic-Con this year, and details are now out about who’s going to be attending, where it is, and when it is. Do the attendees give hints about what could be happening in season 8?

2012 SPN Comic-Con Panel Lineup May Reveal Spoilers

With the schedule now out for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, fans can once again get ready for their Sunday (July 15) to include the panel for the CW drama. Once again, it will be in Hall H, and according to TVLine, Jared Padalecki (Sam), Jensen Ackles (Dean), Misha Collins (Castiel), Jim Beaver (Bobby), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Jeremy Carver (new executive producer and showrunner), and Ben Edlund (consulting producer) will be on the panel.

Does that lineup give some hints about Supernatural season 8 spoilers? With Jim Beaver reportedly attending, it seems like Bobby could have a role to play next year. Even though they burned the flask and that seemed to be the end of him for good, unlike when they thought they gave him a hunter’s funeral originally, it is possible he could come back. Could he somehow be in purgatory and Dean runs into him in his time there? Each year, they do bring along a clip from the upcoming season, and last year, it was one from “The Girl Next Door,” episode 3 of season 7, which they had filmed first since Ackles was the director. With Jensen Ackles directing again in season 8, they’re once again filming his episode first and it is the one that will be airing third. Will he be introducing a clip from that episode at the panel?

Will you be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year and going to the Supernatural panel?

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