‘Supernatural': Mark Sheppard Teases Season 8, Crowley and Sam and Dean

Supernatural has gone to purgatory. After doing heaven and hell in previous seasons, season 7 ended with Dean and Castiel in purgatory, Crowley with Kevin and Meg, and Sam left alone. Gather.com was on hand at Comic-Con and in the press room to find out what’s coming up in season 8 after that.

Mark Sheppard in the 2012 Comic-Con Supernatural press room. ©Meredith Jacobs Mark Sheppard (video below) is very good about not revealing much about what’s coming up, but he does tease, “There’s some stuff that’s gone on. I appear to have Kevin. I guess they’re probably going to have to address where Crowley’s gone and what he’s doing.” Yes, Crowley has Kevin, as unsurprisingly, he’s always planning for himself and was doing just that at the end of last season. However, as Jared Padalecki previewed here, Sam’s not going to be looking for Kevin when Supernatural season 8 begins. Instead, he quit the life, and it’s going to be Dean who pulls him back in, as Jensen Ackles teased here.

Sheppard goes on to talk about how “the nature of the relationship between Crowley and the boys has actually not always been that malevolent. There’s always been that give-and-take. …I think this year the contention is going to be much higher because there’s a singular goal or series of goals that we seem to be pursuing at the same time.” It’s always good when Crowley makes an appearance because Sheppard is so good in the role, and it sounds like fans should be ready to see him in the fall.

What do you think of the latest about Supernatural season 8?

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