‘Supernatural’ ‘Reading Is Fundamental’ Recap: Wishing for Normal Teenage Problems

Supernatural season 7 continues with episode 21, “Reading Is Fundamental.” While Kevin, an obviously smart kid, is worrying about getting into college, Sam and Dean break open Dick’s rock. Each time Dean strikes it, thunder sounds. Kevin’s struck by lightning as Dean removes a block from the rock. Castiel wakes up.

The New Prophet

Edgar’s planning for GeoThrive when Dick calls. Kevin wakes up, late for the SAT, but the text from the block flashes before his eyes. Sam discovers that when they broke the rock open, any woman in her last month of pregnancy went into labor. Why did Dick want this rock? They’re planning to hole up, but then Meg calls to tell them Castiel’s awake and “different.”

Kevin’s driving, and when his friend calls, he says, “I’ve been chosen. It’s my birthright.” Cas seems normal at first—until he tells Dean to pull his finger and the lights shatter.

Castiel remembers everything, but he’s, well, crazy. He heard a ping when he woke up, and when they show him the block, he says it’s the Word and hugs them. It’s the handwriting of Metatron, the scribe of God. Castiel can’t read it. It wasn’t meant for angels. When Meg wants to see it and Dean tells her to back off, Cas leaves because he doesn’t like conflict. The Word falls to the floor and breaks.

Dean goes to find Cas, while Meg questions Sam about what they’re involved in. She finally walks out and says she’ll leave once she gets her angel. He follows. She tells him that Cas will go with her since she stayed with him. They hear a noise in Cas’ room and find Sam’s bag gone. Sam ends up chasing Kevin, whom Meg takes down. Kevin says he can’t let go of the bag.

Dean knows that taking Sam’s hallucinations broke Castiel, but he wants him to help with the Leviathans. He asks if he remembers what he did. Cas picks up Sorry! and sets up the game. He asks Dean if he wants to go first. Kevin knows he’s supposed to keep the bag, and when he takes out the pieces, the Word merges back together.

While Dean and Cas play Sorry!, Dean tries to get answers. It doesn’t work well. Castiel’s focused on the game. Dean finally has enough and pushes the game off the table, telling him to forget about it. Cas says “I’m sorry, Dean.”

Kevin can read the writing. It’s about how the Leviathans came to be, and he realizes they’re real. It’s hard for him to focus on the writing too long. The lights flicker and shatter. Cas tells Dean Sam’s talking to angels.

Hester says they’re there to take the prophet. When Castiel joins them, Inias asks where he was. He says he can offer them perspective and tells Hester to pull his finger. She says he’s insane. He is. Dean took that time to draw an angel banishing sigil. Once they’re gone, poor Kevin’s left wondering what’s going on.

How to Kill Leviathans

Kevin doesn’t want to be a prophet. Dean agrees. Meg reminds them they need to run because the angels will be back. They’re heading to Rufus’ cabin. When they stop at a minimart, Sam sees a news report about Kevin being missing. Meg notices two demons. Back on the road, Cas calls Meg and tells her he’s surrounded by unhappy dogs. Once she tells him where they are, he startles Kevin when he appears next to him. Cas explains the angels are from his old garrison and they’re following protocol. When the Word was revealed, a keeper (Kevin) was awakened. Protocol says they take him to the desert. Kevin argues he’s applying to Princeton. Poor kid.

At the cabin, Kevin comments that the basement looks like a sex torture dungeon and asks if it is one. Dean tells him to start reading. Castiel notices that Sam seems troubled and knows he’s worried about what taking on the hallucinations did to him. He saw Lucifer at first (an “aftertaste”), but now he sees everything. He couldn’t take what he did and was lost until he took on Sam’s pain. Sam tells him they’ll help him get better, but he just asks what he means by “better.”

It all starts getting to Kevin, and Dean calms him down. He knows it sucks, but the angels won’t care. When they try to care, it breaks them apart. He’s able to get Kevin back to work. Meg told those two demons from the minimart that she had a present for Crowley, and when she meets up with them, she tells them she has Castiel. Once she finds out they didn’t tell anyone, she kills them. A Devil Trap’s waiting for her when she returns to the cabin. She tells them what she did and says her current cause is bringing down Crowley. He’s always the problem and just waiting for the right moment to strike. Sam lets her out. However, because she left, she left it open for Hester to track her.

The angels show up, and Inias tells Cas to help them. Cas isn’t in any state to help anyone. They take Kevin, and Dean points out they’re cleaning up one of their messes. Hester says Cas was lost when he pulled Dean from hell and tells Dean he’ll pay. Cas intervenes, and a fight ensues. Meg kills her before she can kill him.

Kevin hands over the translation before Inias has angels take him home. They’ll watch him there. Meg’s back to laying low. Sam finds how to kill the Leviathans. They need a bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen, starting with a fallen angel’s (Castiel’s).

Detective Collins is with Kevin’s mother when the angels bring him home. He kills the angels and turns into Edgar.

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