‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Finale Review: A World Where It’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’

Supernatural season 7 ended with episode 23, “Survival of the Fittest,” and, of course, there was a cliffhanger. Dean’s in trouble, and Sam’s left “well and truly on [his] own.” If you haven’t watched the finale, read a recap here because this review does assume knowledge of it.

The Music

Is there any better opening than “Carry On Wayward Son”? There really isn’t. It wouldn’t be a season finale without it, and there’s just something about hearing that song. The finale’s music was good, from Kansas to “Born to Be Wild” during the Impala’s return to the road (if only Dean had been driving and not Meg).

All Good Things (and Monsters Hell-bent on Slaughterhouses) Must End

With the end of “Survival of the Fittest” came the end of the Leviathans. Dick’s gone, which had to happen. It was a bit unfortunate since James Patrick Stuart was so good in the role, but now it’s time to move on to something new (such as how to get Dean back and what they’ll be facing next). With the end of Dick thankfully comes the end of the Dick jokes, which, after a while, just got annoying and seemed to be too forced.

The season began with the introduction of the Leviathans, who could have been quite the enemy for the Winchesters, but it’s hard not to wish there had been more focus on them and perhaps fewer monster-of-the-week episodes that happened to briefly touch on the Leviathans.

“Never Trust Anyone”

It’s always good to see Crowley (though even he can’t save bad episodes, like “Season 7, Time for a Wedding”), and it’s always clear he can’t be trusted. How could you not love him and Dick negotiating the contract “like proper psychopaths,” especially Crowley with his red pen? In the end, they left it open for him to possibly be either the big villain—or at least one of them—they face in season 8.

Crowley obviously will be back, and they left it open to use him to explain the futures of both Meg and Kevin. While Meg hasn’t seemed to really do much except run from Crowley and deal with crazy Castiel lately, this should offer the chance to do something more with her. That’s also true for Kevin. That set it up for them to bring him back next season, which should give them a chance to do more with him. While his role was a minor one in “There Will Be Blood,” all he really served to do was get Sam to the lab in time to see Dick explode and lose his brother. That could’ve happened another way with the same results.

Supernatural Goes to Purgatory

Dean’s been to hell. He’s been to heaven. Now, he can add purgatory to that list unfortunately. It’s not like that’s something someone has on their “places to go” list. The brief glimpse at it at the end of the episode was bleak. It’s where monsters end up preying on one another for eternity, as Castiel explained, going on to say that being ripped to shreds was more likely than escape. That was all before he just left. Where did Castiel go? Was he just getting a look at what they had to face? Will he return to Dean’s side as the monsters focus in on him?

The episode did end with Sam and Dean apart, both about to face the unknown alone. Dean is about to face his own “survival of the fittest” scenario in purgatory, surrounded by monsters. It does seem to be pretty reminiscent of the end of season 3. Dean was in hell, Sam left to cry over his body. They knew that was coming though. They knew his year was up and they hadn’t found a way to break the deal. In this case, they didn’t think killing Dick would lead to that.

That did open up a whole new world to explore in season 8, which was refreshing. When a show’s been on this long, there’s always concern that things could get repetitive. Following on that and because of the parallels between the ends of season 3 and season 7, it’s impossible not to wonder if season 8 will open with Dean finding himself back from purgatory or if they’ll show Sam saving him this time. As long as they don’t repeat any storylines from season 4, this could give new life to the series. They are going to have to worry about what they could accidentally free when getting Dean out of purgatory.

This storyline does mean that the brothers are once again separated. While this does give the show a chance to explore more about each character, it’s hard not to want to see them together. They’ve been through a lot over the years, together and separately. Hopefully after this time apart with Dean in purgatory, Sam trying to save him, they get back into some good brotherly moments (and likely a hug as well).

Flowers, Monkeys, and Twister, Oh My!

Castiel’s craziness continued, and that meant some humor in the episode, with lines about saving the “clever” and “sensible” monkeys from cosmetic tests and observing flowers before fruit, Castiel playing twister by himself, and, what may have been the best part yet, the bag of honey for Crowley and Crowley’s reaction. The finale also set up more to be explored there with Crowley’s “Text me when Sparkles here retrieves his marbles.”

Saying Goodbye Again

Sam and Dean already mourned the loss of Bobby once, but they had to say goodbye again in the finale, and with some fitting parting words—”Here’s to running into you guys on the other side—only, not too soon, alright?”—Bobby was gone. You knew it was coming. It had to be done. That doesn’t make it any less sad. However, you do have to wonder—where did he go?

What did you think of the Supernatural season 7 finale, episode 23, “Survival of the Fittest”?

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