‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Episode 11 ‘LARP and the Real Girl’ Preview: Battling Evil

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Felicia Day returns in next week’s Supernatural, season 8 episode 11, “LARP and the Real Girl,” and yes, it sounds like just the episode her character Charlie seemed like she could fit into the first time around.

"LARP and the Real Girl" Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CWIn “LARP and the Real Girl,” Sam and Dean investigate LARPers’ mysterious deaths. They were playing the game Moondoor, and the Winchesters are going to find out that the Queen of Moondoor is, of course, Charlie. However, it’s not that happy of a reunion since a fairy has been commandeered to hurt people and in order to stop her, they have to find her master. A case with some light-hearted moments seems like just what Sam and Dean need, and this sounds perfect. Sam may have decided to stay instead of going to Amelia at the end of “Torn and Frayed,” but the brothers’ relationship is far from being fixed. Perhaps dressing up for the job, as can be seen not only in the preview below but also in the “LARP and the Real Girl” photos that have been released, will provide them with the laughter that hasn’t been present recently.

The Supernatural season 8 episode 11 promo shows Sam and Dean finding out they’re dealing with LARPers and ending up in the LARPing community of knights, elves, ogres, and more. There are actually a couple of different looks for Dean in the promo alone, and it looks like Charlie’s going to end up in trouble. It should be a fun episode, a good follow-up to the dark episode 10.

What do you think of the Supernatural season 8 episode 11 preview of “LARP and the Real Girl”?

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

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