‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Episode 5 Spoilers and Title: Character Details Revealed

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Supernatural returns for its eighth season this fall, and while fans are wondering what happened to Dean and Castiel in purgatory, Sam and Dean will be working jobs while that—and what Sam was up to—will be explained using flashbacks. The latest spoilers are about an upcoming case.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

According to SpoilerTV, episode 5 of the season is titled “Blood Brother” and includes the roles of “Andrea Magnuson, happy at resuming a relationship with an old love; and The Old Man, who appears to be a nice young man but is really an ancient and evil vampire.” This episode is directed by Guy Bee and written by Ben Edlund, who teased it back at Comic-Con (check out Gather.com’s press room video here).

Supernatural season 8 is far from the first time that the series will feature vampires, but will having the character of Benny, a vampire from purgatory who helps Dean escape, recurring this season change things when they’re on a vampire hunt? Benny is not going to be a nice guy, but he is going to change things up a bit for Dean once he’s out of purgatory. Will that have any impact on this hunt, or will it be hunting as usual for the Winchesters with these vampires?

With the return of vampires to the show, you also have to wonder if Alpha Vamp is going to be back—or mentioned at least. When he appeared in season 7, he did say, “See you next season,” something that did seem ominous. They will be dealing with “an ancient and evil vampire,” but considering they’ve gone up against Alpha, is this vampire going to be that hard for them to take down?

What do you think of the latest Supernatural season 8 spoilers?

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