‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Episode 5 Spoilers: Dean’s Secret, Sam’s Girlfriend

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Supernatural returns this fall to the CW with its eighth season, which will see them explore what happened to Dean and Castiel in purgatory and Sam while he was out of the life. The latest news is about an episode that will cover both storylines.

SPN Season 8 Episode 5 “Blood Brother” Spoilers

According to Entertainment Weekly, episode 805, “Blood Brother” is going to see Sam and Dean “on somewhat separate journeys.” While “Dean is called to aid the being that helped him out of Purgatory (but can’t tell Sam!),” that leaves Sam to “[spend] some time with the lady friend he fell for while apart from Dean.” It’s already been revealed that the being that helped Dean escape purgatory is Benny, a vampire played by Ty Olsson, who will be recurring in Supernatural season 8. Dean’s going to be keeping some things from purgatory a secret from Sam, and it sounds like what’s coming up in this episode is just going to be one more thing for him to keep from his brother. History has shown that secrets are never a good thing with the Winchesters. Will Dean’s secrets lead to a strain in the brothers’ relationship in season 8? That could depend on what exactly he’s up to and what Benny has him doing.

Previous spoilers about this episode revealed that it includes an ancient, evil vampire and a woman looking forward to rekindling an old romance. Could this be what Dean has to help Benny with? Will Sam even be part of this storyline since he’s going to be spending time with Amelia, played by Liane Balaban? It could be that Dean’s off with Benny working on the vampire part of the episode while Sam’s in the dark about it and with Amelia—at least in the beginning, if he does find out.

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