‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Episode 9 Sneak Peek: Is Benny Behind a Vampire Kill?

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Supernatural season 8 has already reached its midseason finale with next week’s episode 9, “Citizen Fang,” which brings the brothers back to the matter of Benny (Ty Olsson) and whether or not he can be trusted. Is he killing even though he said he doesn’t anymore?

"Citizen Fang" Photo: Liane Hentcher/The CWThe “Citizen Fang” promo that’s already out teases that Benny could be killing again, and now a new preview clip is out showing just how Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) find out about the murders—and how Dean reacts to finding out that Sam’s had Martin (Jon Gries) keeping an eye on his vampire purgatory buddy.

The Supernatural season 8 episode 9 clip from “Citizen Fang” (below) shows Sam getting off the phone with Martin after telling him to wait until he hears from him. He explains to Dean that they have a vampire kill in Louisiana, and the source is Martin—yes, “crazy Martin from the loony bin.” He was released last month and wanted something to help ease him back into the game, so Sam’s had him tracking Benny.

Maybe Sam should’ve suggested not getting back into the game, especially since this situation is going to get messy. While Sam is right to keep tabs on Benny—he is a vampire after all—Dean’s right when he says, “You put mostly okay Martin on Benny? What is mostly okay doing hunting at all?” However, Sam points out that he was right to have Martin “observe and report only” on Benny since this vamp kill did come up. Dean does say they should look into it, but what will happen when they get to Louisiana? Is Benny responsible for these kills or could he join Dean in hunting the vampire that is if he’s not?

What do you think of the Supernatural season 8 episode 9 sneak peek from “Citizen Fang”?

Photo: Liane Hentcher/The CW

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