‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Preview: A Reunion Hug and a New Mission for Sam and Dean

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Supernatural returns to the CW for its eighth season on October 3, and with the latest preview that has been released, there’s even more reason to be counting down the days to when you’ll see what happens next for Sam and Dean Winchester.

SPN Season 8 Extended Promo

When the CW drama left off, Dick was dead, Dean and Castiel were in purgatory, Sam was alone, and Crowley had Meg and the prophet Kevin. So what happens next? Well, like season 6, season 8 will see what’s going on a year after the season finale, and the brothers are going to get word of something that could change everything.

The extended Supernatural season 8 promo (below) begins with a look at Sam standing alone in the lab from “Survival of the Fittest.” 3,156,000 seconds, 525,600 minutes, 8760 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, one year later, Sam and Dean reunite, and of course, that means a Winchester reunion hug. Dean’s been in purgatory, and the preview shows quick flashes of that. It wasn’t a nice place, but it looks like Dean fought his way through it. What was Castiel up to after he left Dean at the end of the season 7 finale? Well, this promo shows him sitting alone. He doesn’t look good.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean will be reuniting with Kevin (and convincing him they’re not Leviathans). It’s no surprise considering how season 7 ended that Crowley’s not far from Kevin. There’s another Word of God, and Kevin tells the brothers, “I saw something in there about closing the gates of hell—forever. Banish all demons off the face of the Earth, lock them away forever, that could be important, right?” Dean’s response is exactly what you would expect: “Closing the gates of hell forever? Yeah, that could be important.” Is that really possible? Will that be what the season finale will be about? Oh, season 8 looks like it will be so good based on this promo.

What do you think of the latest Supernatural season 8 preview?

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