‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: Dean and Benny, the Brothers’ Relationship

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Supernatural‘s eighth season is going to explore just what happened to Dean while in purgatory and what it means for him once he’s out, while also showing Sam’s attempt at a normal life while his brother was gone. The latest out about the season is about Dean’s arc and the theme of the year.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

According to Zap2it, “Dean’s return from Purgatory and his relationship with Benny the vampire will give him a strong connection to the season’s overarching themes, without Sam serving as a middle-man.” Well, it’s about time! However, some news that may not make some fans so happy is that this “opens the door for the boys to spend some time apart as Dean digs himself deeper into that world and Sam…well, tries to maintain a relationship.” There is at least more good news in that “even as their priorities shift, the brothers’ relationship remains central to the season. Their time apart has given them the tools to live separately; but that doesn’t mean they want to.” The series is about the brothers, so hopefully they’re not apart too much this season.

It seems like some of that “time apart” for the Winchesters with the teasers that have been released will come in Supernatural season 8 episode 5. Dean is going to be up to something with Benny while Sam spends time with Amelia. Dean’s going to be keeping secrets about purgatory and Benny, and it is always easier to keep something from someone else if you’re spending time apart. However, will that last for long? Can Sam’s relationship really last? He may be trying to keep it, but the series has shown that it’s not at all easy for these boys to get out of hunting, and those around them usually end up hurt or dead because of it. Assuming Sam’s relationship ends at some point, it may not be so easy for Dean to do whatever he’s doing with Benny without Sam having Amelia to spend time with.

Something to look forward to this season is seeing just what is up with Benny and this “world” Dean’s going to find himself in. His time in purgatory is going to have an effect on him, but what will that and whatever he’s up to during the season mean for him as it comes to an end? With Dean’s storyline fitting in to the season’s themes, what will that mean for Sam? Will he end up taking almost a backseat like Dean has, in a way, in the past when it’s been about him? Secrets eventually do come out, especially with these two, but what will happen when Dean’s recent ones do?

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