‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: Flashbacks, Prophet Life, Conflict, and More LARPing?

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Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday with “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” which will see the brothers reuniting after a year apart, during which time Dean was in purgatory and Sam was living a normal life. So what comes next?

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

"We Need To Talk About Kevin" Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/The CWExecutive producer Bob Singer told TVLine that the different looks of the flashbacks for Sam and Dean will show how different the year was for the two. While Dean’s will have a “lack of color and high contrast, desaturated look” to show “there’s no good place to lay your head down,” Sam’s will be “diffused and have filters and [are] a little more dreamy.” This will show that while “Sam’s past year was nice and warn…Dean’s was cold and stark.” What else would you expect when someone spent a year in purgatory, especially given the glimpses of it in previews and photos?

While Sam was living his normal life with new girlfriend Amelia (Liane Balaban), Dean was fighting for his life in purgatory, and there is going to be a bit of some conflict between the two in that, instead of what they usually do when one is gone, Sam didn’t look for Dean. Dean’s not going to be happy about that—after all, they’ve never kept that promise to settle down instead of finding one another, until now apparently—but Singer did say that “Dean is being really less than forthcoming” about what happened to him in that year. So it seems like both brothers will have reason to be mad at one another, which is bound to lead to not only some conflict, but a few Winchester talks over the Impala in Supernatural season 8.

It sounds like Benny could be a source of conflict for the brothers, as Jeremy Carver explained that Benny will be “playing a very important part both in his physical presence and psychological presence. The idea of Benny hangs over our brothers pretty heavily. He’s a guy who has a tremendous, tremendous bearing.” Benny is going to know what Dean did in purgatory, and it sounds like some of that is going to be what he’s keeping secret. Benny is a character to watch, especially given what he means for Dean and what his presence could reveal about what Dean did and what happened to him in purgatory. What will Sam know about Benny? How will Benny hanging over them and how purgatory changed Dean (and Sam’s year out of hunting changed him) affect the brothers’ relationship as the season progresses?

Also coming up is more stuff from Kevin, who is going to be the one to tell the brothers about the possibility of closing the gates of hell for good, which, really, just sounds like a really good dream. According to Carver, this season will show “how he personally feels about being a prophet…[and] the personal cost that it has for him.” When Kevin was first introduced, he was very focused on academics. That’s likely going to have changed, considering what he’s in the middle of, but that won’t necessarily mean he won’t still be thinking about what he’s given up. When he was last seen, Crowley had him, but he’s going to be reuniting with the brothers in the premiere. Life hasn’t been easy for the prophet, and as spoilers for the second episode reveal, his mother’s going to get mixed up in it as well (again). Will what happens with her in the second episode have something to do with that “personal cost”?

Finally, Carver also previewed some of the upcoming episodes of the season, including one addressing, “What happens when you find yourself living in a cartoon universe?” which has to do with “cartoon physics in the real world,” which doesn’t sound as fun as an episode addressing that question could. There will be “adventures in LARPing,” and LARPing has been mentioned on the show before (who could forget “The Monster At the End of This Book” or “The Real Ghostbusters”?), so you have to wonder how it will fit into the show this time. There is also going to be “an hour consisting almost entirely of Paranormal Activity-style ‘found footage,’ which is pretty unlike any episode that the show has ever done before.'” It sounds like there’s certainly reason to be excited about the show’s eighth season, even if you are wary of what the year apart is going to mean for the brothers and how achievable this mission to close the gates of hell really is.

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