‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: How Serious Is Sam’s New Relationship?

When Supernatural season 8 begins, Sam will have been out of the life for a year while Dean is in purgatory, and in that time, Sam’s going to find a new girlfriend in Amelia. Both Sam and Dean have had love interests over the past seven seasons, but how serious will this latest one be?

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

When the CW drama first picked up in the present in the pilot, Sam was living with Jessica, but that relationship went up in flames when she did at the end of the pilot. Since then, women have come and gone from both brothers’ lives, and the women in Sam’s life do seem to have a habit of, well, dying. So far, all that’s known is that Amelia will be showing up in flashbacks, but as far as her showing up in the present, no one’s said anything. At Comic-Con, Jared Padalecki, in one of the press room video interviews here, previewed how Sam and Amelia met and what happened to Sam after the end of season 7.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Amelia is “the real deal” for Sam, and Jeremy Carver teased, “To say that he has met a woman who could stand as the love of his life to this point, would not be an overstatement. It’s a meaningful relationship.” However, considering the history of female characters on the show, you have to wonder if Amelia (or her and Sam’s relationship) will survive Supernatural season 8. Sam may have gotten out of the life while Dean was in purgatory, but that’s going to be changing when he escapes, as Jensen Ackles previewed at Comic-Con. As much as Sam may want to stay out, he is a hunter and that’s not something that he can just turn his back on once his brother’s back.

Besides, this isn’t a show about one of the brothers and his girlfriend. It’s a show about the Winchester brothers, on the road, hunting things, in the Impala, and it’s not even known yet if Amelia will show up in the present. If she does, that means she’ll end up in the middle of whatever Sam and Dean are hunting/after at the moment, and that put her life in danger, leading directly back to how long female characters last on the show. Still, it sounds like these flashbacks to their relationship will provide moments of some sort of happiness for Sam, which is more than anyone could’ve expected after what he’s been through over the past few seasons, from being soulless to getting his soul back to the wall crashing down and his hallucinations. He does deserve that, but as has been seen, happiness doesn’t tend to last for either Sam or Dean, so how will that end up affecting Sam and Amelia’s relationship in the present?

There’s also the question of how much Amelia will know about Sam. Hunting monsters isn’t exactly first date material, and he’s going to meet her when he hits a dog, so it’s not like he meets her on the job. So assuming she doesn’t know, how is he going to explain having to leave and go off with Dean when he returns? That could be an interesting explanation, and it could also speak to their future and what happens if she just shows up in the present and not just flashbacks.

What do you think of the latest Supernatural season 8 spoilers?

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