‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: Jensen Ackles Directing Again

Supernatural will be returning to the CW for its eighth season this fall—in October, as part of the network’s decision to launch their new seasons after other networks. Fans were left with the image of Dean alone in purgatory, surrounded by those glowing red eyes.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

Unsurprisingly, Jensen Ackles (Dean) will be directing for a third time in the eighth season, and again, unsurprisingly, they’ll be filming his episode first. Executive producer Jim Michaels tweeted earlier in response to a question about which episode will be the one directed by Ackles, “he will direct the first one we shoot but it will be the 3rd one to air making it #152.” Ackles directed twice before on the show, once in season 6 (“Weekend at Bobby’s,” episode 4) and once in season 7 (“The Girl Next Door,” episode 3). Both times he did a very good job, so of course he’ll be taking a turn behind the camera yet again.

The Supernatural season 8 premiere is going to be the show’s milestone 150th episode, and it’s going to be when fans get to see what happens next for Dean in purgatory, Sam alone, Castiel possibly also in purgatory but likely dealing with Crowley next year, Crowley’s plans for everyone, and more. Some spoilers out from Robert Singer do reveal that the brothers won’t be apart for long on screen, though there is going to be some time that will have passed.

So what could episode 3, the one Jensen Ackles is directing, entail? Will the brothers already be reunited? Considering what Singer said about the brothers reuniting quickly, it seems likely, but could there be some flashbacks at some point showing what happened when they were apart? Will they be dealing with Crowley? Will a new evil have been introduced for the season? Whatever does happen, it sounds like that’s an episode to look forward to to see what’s coming up for Ackles this time as director.

What are you hoping to see in Supernatural season 8? Are you looking forward to seeing another Jensen Ackles-directed episode?

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