‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: Jeremy Carver on Sam and Dean’s Mission, Show’s Future

Supernatural is returning to the CW for its eighth season on October 3, and when it does, they’ll be using flashbacks to explain what the brothers were up to while Dean (Jensen Ackles) was in purgatory and Sam (Jared Padalecki) had quit the life. The cast and producers were at Comic-Con, and Gather.com was in the press room to find out what’s coming up in season 8.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers from Comic-Con

Jeremy Carver in the 2012 Comic-Con Supernatural press room. ©Meredith Jacobs In the video below, executive producer Jeremy Carver, who’s returning to the series for its eighth season, previews, “The boys will find a way to reunite here at the beginning of the season, and I think while they’re coming together in search of something that is deeply personal and harkens back to their earliest days together, they’re still both dealing with the aftereffects and the continuing effects of their time apart.” What happened in their time apart—which is going to be a year—is not something they can just skip over, but the way they’re going to explain it (using flashbacks) allows them to also show what’s going on with Sam and Dean once they’re reunited quickly.

Carver also teases that they’re “playing with structure a bit” for Supernatural season 8: “There’s a lot of times when people ‘go away,’ to hell or whatever, and in the writers’ room, you’re sort of like, ‘well, we’re not really gonna show it,’ and this year we’re showing it. We spend a lot of time telling almost three separate stories of what happened with each of them [Sam, Dean, and Castiel] when they were separate from each other, and each have very specific, strong stories. We have committed structurally to really devoting a lot of our episodes to filling in blanks.” That means they’ll be covering Dean’s time in purgatory, where Castiel (Misha Collins) went when he disappeared at the end of season 7 (he’ll be showing up in the second episode of the season), and what life was like for Sam once he quit the life.

While Ben Edlund previews some of the monsters coming up here, Carver talks a bit about the role of mythology in season 8: “I think you’re going to see a mythology that is a little bit more digestible in separate plights this year, so that we can pop away and do the internal episodes. That said, some of these one-off episodes, as they always do, deal with the boys’ emotional arc that they’re going through that will involve residue from their experiences of their time apart.” Speaking of the emotional arcs, Carver goes on to explain, to raise the stakes from what they’ve already done, “I think you make it even more personal, [which is] what we’re doing. You’re dealing with not just a personal mission, but you’re dealing with the boys having to deal with the fact that they’ve each changed in significant ways in their time apart, and part of their maturation is learning to deal with it and still get back in that car.”

Finally, Jeremy Carver also addresses whether or not this could be the show’s last season: “The mythology we have is intended to have legs beyond this season. If there is [an end in sight], no one has told me.” It doesn’t sound like fans should start preparing themselves for a series finale just yet.

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