‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: Misha Collins on Where Castiel Went and Purgatory at Comic-Con

Supernatural was present at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, and its cast and producers were on hand to give some scoop about the upcoming eighth season, premiering on October 3. Gather.com sat down with them in the press room to find out what’s coming up as the series has now gone to purgatory after visiting heaven and hell.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers from Comic-Con 2012

Misha Collins in the 2012 SDCC Supernatural press room. ©Meredith JacobsWhen season 7 ended, Dean and Castiel were in purgatory after killing Dick. However, Castiel disappeared, leaving Dean to face the monsters alone. So where did Castiel go? While Jensen Ackles talks a bit about that here, Misha Collins, in the video below, teases, “We will grapple with that question and answer it in the first few episodes in flashback form, but I won’t tell you whether he left because he was going to find provisions to help Dean or if he left to save his own hide and leave Dean to the wolves. Both are options.”

Collins goes on to say, “What I know of the arc of Cas in purgatory—we don’t know whether he even survives purgatory or not—but the storyline in purgatory, in flashback form, is cool.” The beginning of season 7 saw what seemed like Castiel’s death because of the Leviathans, but he did show up again later in the season. Will Castiel make it out of purgatory with Dean?

While they haven’t revealed much about purgatory in the scripts he’s seen, Collins does call it “a very hostile environment where [Castiel’s] forced to live in a very primitive survivalist mode. …It appears to be more hellish for Cas than hell was.” If Castiel does make it out of purgatory, how will that change him?

Where do you think Castiel went in purgatory? Will you be tuning in to Supernatural season 8?

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