‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: New Recurring Character and Episode Title

Supernatural returns to the CW for its eighth season on October 3, and the first episode to be filmed is the third one to air, directed by Jensen Ackles. That episode will feature a new recurring love interest for Sam, and there are now more spoilers out about what to expect from this season.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

While some spoilers are already out for that third episode, which is tentatively titled “Heartache,” there hasn’t been too much revealed about what else is going on early in the season. However, now, SpoilerTV has revealed that a new character, Benny, “who masks a deep savagery,” will be recurring and introduced in the episode titled “We Need to Talk About Kevin” (though titles can always change).

Previous spoilers have revealed that Kevin will be back in Supernatural season 8, which is no surprise since the seventh season ended with Crowley taking him. Since he can read the Word of God, he’s useful, which is good for him, since it’s probably what’s keeping him alive right now. Will this episode be about the Winchester brothers getting Kevin back? Spoilers had also revealed that the season will be about angels and demons again. Is Benny going to end up being a demon to track for multiple episodes? He is recurring, so it seems likely he will have something to do with the overall arc.

The eighth season is going to use flashbacks to show how Dean gets back from purgatory and what Sam was up to while he was there, and since Crowley took Kevin right in front of Sam, he at least has a good idea of where to start looking for him. It’s not like it’s going to be easy, but hopefully this does give Kevin a decent storyline for the season that ties into what Sam and Dean will be up to.

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