‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: The Recurring Character Benny Has Been Cast

Supernatural season 8 is going to use flashbacks to show how Dean (Jensen Ackles) got out of purgatory, and since Sam is out of the life, which is how Amelia comes in, as Jared Padalecki previewed to Gather.com in the Comic-Con press room (video below), everyone’s been wondering just how that happens. The latest casting news is about just that.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

According to TVLine, Ty Olsson is going to be playing the “pivotal recurring role” of “Benny, a dark and dangerous vampire who helps Dean escape from purgatory.” Ackles said that Benny is “not a good guy” and someone who “stands to pose a bit of an issue for Dean because maybe there are things that Dean has hidden that he doesn’t want to tell Sam that happened in purgatory.” Benny is going to show up in the Supernatural season 8 premiere, and this role brings Olsson back to the CW drama after he appeared in “Bloodlust,” where he was also a vampire.

Considering what Dean was facing (alone, since Castiel went to who knows where, which will be revealed in the first few episodes, as Misha Collins previewed at Comic-Con below), this isn’t too surprising. Ackles had also said (below) that the flashbacks will reveal “what life was like, the relationships that he made down there and how that helped him get out, which also gets touched on heavily in the first episode.” That’s where Benny comes in. Since Sam wasn’t even looking for him apparently—everyone in his life is gone, so he quit the life—it does seem like it’s up to Dean to find a way to get himself out. This is going to be it. But how will this affect him for the rest of the season? What did he have to do to get Benny’s help in escaping purgatory?

When Dean was in hell, he revealed to Sam that he tortured souls in order to get off the rack, and that changed him. How will his experience in purgatory change him? How long will it be before he tells Sam what happened? Since Dean is going to be bringing Sam back into the life, how will that impact what he reveals about his time in purgatory?

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