‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: What Will Happen to Sam and Dean?

Supernatural season 7 ended with the brothers separated, with Dean in purgatory and Sam left alone. Of course, they have to find a way back to one another when season 8 begins. How will that happen?

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

At the end of “Survival of the Fittest,” Dean stabbed Dick with the bone, which led to him and Castiel ending up in purgatory, thanks to some fine print about using the weapon. Of course, Crowley only clued Sam in on that fact once he was left alone in the lab. However, Castiel did disappear pretty soon after letting Dean in on where they were, leaving Dean alone and surrounded by purgatory’s creatures.

This week’s TV Guide has a bit about what to expect in Supernatural season 8, as executive producer Robert Singer says, “Dean was with the angel Cas when they found Roman. That decision plays well into next season because Sam [Jared Padalecki] has generally been the more sensitive one, and to have him deal with a human problem rather than a supernatural one just seemed right to us.” Crowley made it clear that he had plans for both Meg and Castel, and even though he did give his blood for the weapon to kill Dick, Crowley’s always out for himself and never someone who can be trusted.

But what was that whole deal with Castiel seemingly just leaving Dean behind in purgatory? Where did he go? All Singer says is “Our intention is to have Cas back for a number of episodes.” The question does remain if he left on his own or if Crowley had a hand to play in that. After all, he does have Meg already. Could Crowley be putting his plan in action for both the angel and the demon while Dean’s stuck in purgatory?

The article also reveals that Singer does explain that “the brothers are reunited on screen quickly, but much time will have passed.” It was impossible not to see the parallels to the season 3 finale, which left the brothers separated when Dean went to hell after he sold his soul to bring Sam back to life in season 2. Season 4 began with Dean digging himself out of his own grave and finding Sam. Castiel was the one to pull Dean out of hell. Will Sam be the one to save Dean this time around?

However Dean and Sam are reunited, it’s likely to lead to a Winchester hug (after all, coming back from the dead and hell does, so purgatory should mean the same thing). Hopefully there are some more brotherly moments in season 8 since that is what the show is about—Sam and Dean hunting things, on the road together. Speaking of parallels to previous storylines, hopefully Sam doesn’t end up going down a dark road again. They’ve lost many over the years, so Sam’s resources are going to be limited while Dean’s in purgatory. Could some familiar faces turn up to help as he’s trying to get his brother back?

There’s still the matter of what the big evil of season 8 will be. Crowley can never be trusted, and it does seem like he could have something big brewing. Then there’s the fact that Alpha Vamp did say “See you next season” in “There Will Be Blood.” He could end up returning. If he does, how big of a role could he end up playing in the season? The series is going into its eighth season (and will be airing its 150th episode) and is making the move from Friday nights to Wednesdays. What else could they face after dealing with everything that they have over these past seven seasons?

What do you think of the latest Supernatural season 8 spoilers?

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