‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: When Sam’s New Love Interest Will First Appear

Supernatural‘s eighth season, which will premiere on October 3, is going to be introducing a new love interest for Sam, and she’s someone he met while Dean was in purgatory. How will she fit into the season and when will she first appear?

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

According to TVLine, “we’ll meet Sam’s new squeeze in the Oct. 3 premiere, but it won’t be in the present day.” It has already been revealed that they’ll be using flashbacks to show what Sam and Dean were up to in their time apart. Jared Padalecki did tell Gather.com in the Comic-Con press room that Amelia is “a lost soul as well, as she’d have to be to fall for a guy like Sam, because he obviously has a lot of issues.” Check out videos here of Padalecki talking about how Sam meets Amelia and what Sam’s up to while Dean’s in purgatory and Jensen Ackles talking about Dean getting Sam back into the life.

Supernatural season 8 is going to show the brothers reunite quickly. That means Sam’s going to have to leave his attempt at a normal life behind, and he’ll undoubtedly have to explain to his brother about his new relationship. That’s probably where the flashback and the introduction of Amelia will come in since she isn’t going to be in the present in that first episode. While there’s been no news of her dying and that means that she can appear in the present, so far, it seems like she’s just going to be in flashbacks, at least to begin with, as Sam gets back on the road with his brother.

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