‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: Who’s Playing Sam’s Love Interest?

Supernatural will be back on the CW for its eighth season on October 3, on its new Wednesday night in the 9 p.m. time slot. The first episode that they’re filming is episode 3, directed by series star Jensen Ackles, and the latest casting news out is about that episode.

SPN Season 8 Spoilers

TVLine has reported that Liane Balaban will be playing Amelia, the new love interest being introduced for Jared Padalecki’s Sam. Amelia is “a tragedy-damaged soul” who “soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman.” Could she really be anything but those things if she’s going to be a love interest for one of the Winchester brothers?

Balaban’s Amelia is a recurring role in Supernatural season 8, but as history has shown on this show, being involved with Sam usually ends up in your death. Will Amelia be the one to break that curse? How long will she last on the CW drama? How will Dean react to this new woman in his brother’s life? Dean is going to be coming back from purgatory, and previous spoilers have revealed that they’re going to use flashbacks to show what happened in the time that passed while Dean was trapped and Sam was alone.

Love interests don’t tend to do well on this show, but it is also hard to work them into the storyline when you have two brothers who are constantly on the road. It’s impossible to imagine Amelia just tagging along everywhere, so how will they work her into the storyline? Will anything serious actually happen between her and Sam, or will it end up being something that’s only temporary?

What do you think of the latest Supernatural season 8 spoilers and casting news?

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