‘Supernatural’ Spoilers – Death Does Not Mean Gone Forever in This Drama

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The female characters on the CW drama Supernatural don’t exactly have the best of luck. And not having luck means they typically wind up dead. But remember, dying on this show doesn’t keep you from making another appearance.

The return ofÂ…

Supernatural Season 6 title cardIt sounds like Samantha Ferris, who played Ellen Harvelle, will be returning. In case you missed last season, she and her daughter Jo (Alona Tal) died in “Abandon All Hope,” while the Winchester brothers still thought they might have a chance at killing Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) with the Colt (they didn’t).

Their deaths are among the most heartbreaking on the series (Ellen refused to leave her dying daughter and stayed with her while blowing up some hellhounds). Fans couldn’t help hoping they would make an appearance in “Dark Side of the Moon” when the brothers ran into Ash (Chad Lindberg) in heaven. They didn’t, but it looks like fans will still get to see more of Ellen Harvelle on Supernatural.

For the past couple of days, Samantha Ferris has been hinting on her Twitter that she had some news for fans. Those who love Supernatural couldnÂ’t help hoping it was what they wanted: another appearance from Ellen in the WinchestersÂ’ lives:

“…Oh, I’ve got a secret…..think you might like it…..:)” (January 19)

“Hmm. Now do you think you are worthy of this secret? It’s pretty big news….Whattodo whattodo whattodo….” (January 20)

“Ok. Big hint tomorrow. How’s that? Got to drawwww this out a bit right? It’s kinda fun. I will tell u it put a smile on my face all day.” (January 21)

“hint…..momma bear is in da house!” (January 22)

“OMG. Yer right! I’d better spill then. I’m superstitious. Yes, Ellen is back.” (January 22, in reply to a tweet)

“..and don’t even THINK about asking for details cuz it ain’t in the cards. No spoilers here. Besides, I know nothing. But should b cool, no?” (January 22)

Even though the only thing known is that sheÂ’s coming back, this is still exciting news. And on this show, itÂ’s impossible to even tell in what context Ellen will be appearing again. Anything is possible.

But Samantha Ferris certainly knows how to keep her fans hanging, doesnÂ’t she?

Still, it was all worth it in the end (and definitely exciting when she did confirm that she will be back). But, of course, it does bring up the question: Will Alona Tal be reprising her role as Jo? It would be nice, but so far there has not been anything to suggest she will.

Are you excited to hear that Samantha Ferris will be returning to Supernatural as Ellen?


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