‘Supernatural’ ‘There Will Be Blood’ Recap: Be Careful What You Eat

Supernatural season 7 continues with episode 22, “There Will Be Blood.” Gloria interviews Dick about acquiring SucroCorp, which will focus on eating well. He wants humans tasting better. After, Susan brings him the Word, and he has her put a replace order on Gloria. Edgar and Kevin are waiting in the conference room, and to convince Kevin to translate the Word for him, he has a letter of recommendation to Princeton—and his mother captive.

Worrying About Bobby

Sam wonders what will happen to the rest of the Leviathans when they kill Dick. Will they drop dead? Bobby pays Dean a visit. He’s been looking into the weapon. They need blood from Crowley and an Alpha, and when Dean points out the last won’t be so easy to get, Bobby’s anger gets the best of him and the mirror cracks. He insists he’s fine. Sam tells Dean about Dick and SucroCorp. The additives are in everything (yes, pie included). Bobby slams the laptop closed to make his point, and they summon Crowley.

After Kevin finishes typing, Dick has Edgar call to free his mother with a threat and sends him to drop in on an old friend. Crowley agrees to hand his blood over—last. He doesn’t want it hanging around when it can be used for anything. He thinks it’s going to be most difficult for them to get the angel blood and tells them Alpha Vamp’s still around. He keeps tabs on him.

At a gas station, Dean leaves the flask in the car while he and Sam head inside talking about Bobby. Sam’s worried because the stronger he gets, the closer he gets to becoming a vengeful spirit. Dean notices the customers are out of it like the Turducken people. It’s the corn syrup, which is in everything. They can eat fruit.

At the address for the Alpha, Bobby checks inside first since they can’t see anything from outside. It’s clear, except for dead vampires, the skin around their mouths charred. Something didn’t agree with them. Sam sees something suspect about a wall, and Bobby walks through. A young girl is in a hidden room, and Sam finds the switch to open it.

Emily’s been there since she was 8 and a man took her in the park. She’s “one of his special girls.” She was supposed to be ready whenever Alpha came. The dead vampires came back from an easy hunt. The humans just presented themselves, and Sam wonders if it’s the corn syrup. She has a faint idea of where Alpha is. When the one vampire who didn’t die from feeding returns, Edgar’s waiting and gets his boss’ location out of him.

Dean’s not happy to be living on health food. Before going in, they need dead man’s blood or, rather, they can just take the blood of someone who’s been ingesting corn syrup. It’s much easier than Sam expected. They’re going to have to leave Bobby behind when they go in because they need to try to prevent him from becoming a vengeful spirit.

Emily remembers hearing loud bells, and that helps them figure out Alpha’s in a monastery. They leave Emily and Bobby—the flask is in the safe—in a motel room. Bobby’s not happy, but he watches as Emily calls her father and tells him she’s sending him a present before leaving.

Alpha Versus Leviathan on Supernatural

It may not be the best plan to just charge in, but they don’t have another one. A vampire grabs Sam once he steps inside. Bobby’s anger grows as he watches the news about Dick and can’t open the safe. When a maid comes in, he possesses her. It’s just until he gets Dick.

Sam and Dean are brought in front of Alpha, and Emily joins him at his side. They explain they’re just there to talk, but Alpha brings up what happened last time. One of the vampires slams Dean’s face into the table. Sam asks what he knows about the Leviathans, and Alpha says he and Dick met for dinner and are on excellent terms. There was no mention of the additives killing the vampires. Sam says they just need his blood to stop Dick. A young boy comes in to tell Alpha Edgar’s there, and Alpha has Sam and Dean taken away.

Edgar knows Sam and Dean are there—Dean’s blood is on the table. Sam and Dean are locked in the study while “Pacman and True Blood” are talking. It’s a good thing Dean still has some vamptonite on him, and Sam can pick the lock with the needle of one of the blood bags in the room.

Alpha talks to Edgar about what Sam and Dean told him, and Edgar agrees it must be a mistake. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean sneak downstairs, take care of a vampire in their way with the vamptonite, and go searching for a knife. Alpha asks Edgar where fixing the additive problem is on their list. It’s not. The additive kills anything with a taste for humans except the Leviathans. Edgar doesn’t care that Alpha’s the son of Eve, but fortunately, Alpha has a bucket of Borax on hand. That just slows Edgar down, but Sam and Dean show up in time to cut off Edgar’s head. Alpha gives them his blood in exchange for taking care of Edgar, but before they leave, Sam asks about the young boy. Alpha has Emily get him and tells them, “See you next season.”

When Sam and Dean get back to the motel, they find the place trashed and Bobby gone. They can’t track him since he has the flask, and they have no choice but to keep going. They do have Crowley in their corner, but “what could possibly go wrong?” Dick summons Crowley into a Devil’s trap and says they have so much to talk about.

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